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Let’s draw the music!


Dear Diary #3

Do you know that bird?img_20161106_143440

Dear Diary #2

bob1Once upon the time a French Girl  went to the Canadian bush to help people with the harvest. She met a Canadian Boy who was already there, helping people. They were digging potatoes together, planting garlic together, they were doing all those super romantic things and finally they fell in love. The French Girl wanted to stay in the bush but her parents wanted her to study in France, to become a doctor. Therefore the Canadian Boy decided to come to France. When everything was scheduled, the Canadian Boy realized he cannot take BOB with him! Nooo! He called his father who agreed to take BOB to his place, but that is 800 km away. The Canadian Boy decided to call the neighbours and ask for advice but he didn’t know that the neighbours had just finished telling his love story to another neighbour and that neighbour was about to leave to the same city where The Canadian Boy’s father lives! The plan was easy. Everyone wanted to support the Canadian-French relationship. And this is exactly how the leopard gecko BOB became a traveler. The End.

Dear Diary #1

This is exactly how our week in the bush looked like. Harvest, bears and Crokinole. 14715685_10209357564468777_9127287240204040872_o

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